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Wagerlogic Poker Review

By Gary Steele

InterPoker is one many sites on the Wagerlogic network of Poker Sites. A few of the other sites also connected to the same network are ClassicPoker.com, TotalBetPoker.co.uk, and PokerPlex.com. The first thing that struck me as I looked through all of the sites is that play in Euros is available, not only dollars. There are also many very nice bonuses offered and they seem to be different at each site on the network.

The Interface

The screen is very simple to understand and the buttons are easy to read. One change I would make is to the Dealer Button. It is the same size and color as some of the chips. It is tough to pick out at first until you get used to looking for it. It is also not very easy to tell when it is your turn. I sat there many times wondering whose turn it was to play when everyone else was waiting on me. The screen is bigger than I am used to seeing and there is a lot of wasted space in the middle. I would rather see a more compact screen so I could play more than one at a time more conveniently. You can also only join the wait list at one table as a time. This makes it tough to find tables you like when only three are available at the limit you want to play as it is. It is also tough to make a bet. The slide bar where you choose your bet is tough to maneuver accurately.

Wagerlogic poker

Signing Up and Depositing Money

This may have been the easiest signup I have ever seen. Name, address, date of birth and I had an account. Neteller ID and I had money. The download from the site took longer than usual, but I am talking about 1 minute versus 30 seconds at other sites so there was really no problem there.

Game Play And The Players

This is a dangerous site to play at and it is not for beginners. The limits offered here are for players with experience. There are no really cheap tables. The cheapest limit Hold’em tables started at $1/$2 and the .50/$1 blind no-limit tables allow players to buy in with their entire bankroll. One bad beat and my entire $90 buy-in would be gone since other players with real bankrolls could bring in much more than I had. Like I said, this is not a site for beginners.

The players are slow. A lot of them complained of Lag, but I never noticed any. I sat in a tournament and we completed about 7 hands every 10 minutes (when the blinds increased). Overall the players were average, but there were not as many really bad players as you see on big sites like Party Poker.

The Deposit Bonus And Promotions

The reason I chose to feature InterPoker in this article is because they offer one of the best poker bonuses I have ever seen. I deposited $90 and received $90 in bonus. Yes, you read correctly, they gave me a 100% bonus. Not only that, they will currently give you a 100% bonus match up to $90 each month. You are required to play a lot of raked hands to receive the bonus (450 for $90), but it is worth it in the long run. It beats the rake, all you have to do is beat the players.

The other sites on the Wagerlogic network offer other bonuses. PokerPlex currently offers a free $50 per month after 300 hands played. TotalBetPoker.com currently offers 25 Euro credited to your account after 5 hours of play each month. Both of these offers are very good.

The Games Offered

Only the basic games are offered with the exception of Omaha High/Low which is unusual. Hold’Em, 7- Card Stud, and Omaha are offered in many different limits and currencies.


There are a lot of multi-table tournaments available, but there are just not very many players. On a Thursday evening the only tournament with any players was a $5 tourney and there were only 50 participants. The same tourney at the same time on the Prima Poker network has 200 players. Single table tourneys were easier to find, but it took a few minutes to find ten players.


Overall, even with the great bonuses, there is not really much reason to play at these sites. The players are decent, there are not very many tournaments, and it is hard to find a table. I think the software has a lot of potential, it is easy to use, but it needs some work and the number of players is just not high enough yet to make the site a winner. As more people see the fantastic bonuses being offered the player base will expand. I would recommend taking advantage of the free money given away for 5 hours of play each month at a few of the sites; it is just too good to pass up.

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