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By Nick Momrick

Your opponent types "THE HAMMER" in the chat window just as you click the raise button one last time. After calling the bet, you're amazed to see him turn over the seven of spades and the two of hearts, giving him sevens and twos. You've just had your pocket rockets beat by the worst hand in hold'em and it was most likely to the author of a poker blog. Blog? What is that?

According to Dictionary.com a blog is "a shared online journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies." I don't like this definition because I think it's too limiting. I'd say that blogs are web sites, usually with a specific focus, that are updated on a regular basis. Blogs are so diverse and each one is so unique that it's hard to explain what they are. They can be sites about someone's personal life, their hobbies, work, or anything else. Regular updates on blogs come in the form of short articles, links to sites around the Internet, or lengthy discussions. With the recent popularity of poker, a lot of blogs related to poker have been launched.

I'll bet that if you've spent the time to find this article, you've read a few poker books. The books by Doyle Brunson, David Sklansky, and others contain great advice, but most professional writers have never dealt with low limit games in casinos and online poker rooms. Have you thought about giving online poker a try? Wondering when you should move from the $1/2 online games to the $2/4 games? Looking for good strategy to use in a single table tournament with friends? Poker bloggers have played in the low limit games and asked these same questions at one time or another, so check out what they have to say.

Some poker blogs focus on discussing strategy and the author's experience at the tables, while others focus on poker news around the world. Each site offers something different because it is from the author's unique perspective. The writers are usually beginning poker players with a year or two of experience, so the writing should be understandable by any amateur.

Not only do poker blogs have some great information and advice, but there is a sense of community between the writers and their readers. Every month or two, one of the top poker bloggers will run an online tournament open to anyone involved with poker blogs. Shortly after I started my poker blog in October, I entered the largest tournament that has been held so far. I was amazed (and lucky) when I finished first out of 133 players. More important than the nice payout was the recognition I gained within the community.

By all means, read the books, magazines, and other online poker sites because the more you read about poker the more you'll improve your game. Just don't forget about one of the lesser known resources on the subject and be sure to read a few poker blogs. In the process you might even learn a few things. Here are a few sites to get you started...

  • Tao of Poker is authored by Pauly, a writer from New York City who left a prestigious job on Wall Street several years ago to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. His poker blog is a flavorful mixture of travel tales, casino trip reports, wild home games, and stories about his late night forays into online poker [full review].
  • Poker Grub is a poker blog by "Grubby" who has also recently quit his job. His site has a neat feature called "Grubby's Hand of the Week", which gives a prize to the first person able to guess what two hole cards a player had during a specified hand.
  • 2 Hole Cards is my personal poker blog, where I link to other sites around the web and discuss my own experiences at the tables.
  • Poker Gamer blog - A poker blog of a professional $30-60 player.
  • Poker By Iggy is a good blog from the "other" Iggy (so not related to Blogfather Iggy). If you want some good tips on places where you can build up your bankroll this is the place.
  • Blogger is a service allowing anyone to start their own blog for free. It's one of the most popular blogging sites on the Internet and is easy to use.

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