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Poker Odds Calculator

Poker odds calculator courtesy of Professional-Poker.com.

Powered by the Mac online poker network

How it works

To calculate the odds:

  1. Select pocket cards for each player from the the deck.
  2. Click the "Get Odds" button.


We would appreciate it if you send your feedback and/or bug reports to this . Please mention the operating system and browser version you are using.

Our regular terms of use also apply to the usage of the calculator.

More information about poker odds

Pot Odds: Learning how to calculate pot odds is your mathematical solution to making the decision on whether to call or fold your hand. Playing pot odds means knowing what your chances of pulling the card you need to make your hand a winner.

Successful Betting Using Pot Odds: You will find many strategy articles giving you advice on how to use Pot Odds to decide whether to stay in a pot or to fold. It is also a good idea to use Pot Odds to decide how much to bet in pot-limit and no-limit games.

Understanding implied odds: One of the concepts of poker it took me a long time to understand was the use of Implied Odds in my decision making. It really was not until I started playing Omaha Hi/Lo, where there are many more people in a typical hand than in HoldEm, that the the term really started to make sense.

Poker Software: Stick the phrase poker software into Google and you will return 234,000 results. Most of these results are simply advertisements asking you to sign up to play at sites like Party Poker. Others are solitaire-like games which will help you learn the basics or simply pass the time.

Poker Academy takes your game to the next level: Unlike any poker tool currently on the market, the Poker Academy software adjusts to each individual player using advanced AI. This means staying power. Poker Academys AI adds to the long-term playability of the game.

Poker Statistics Calculator - Valley Forge Services: This decision enhancement software available from http://www.pokerstatistics.org uses up to 10,000,000 random, but repeatable, deals. If used properly, it should help you optimize your critical poker decisions as a function of your holding.

Texas Hold'em Calculator from AdvMathAppl: Many poker players cannot understand why they lose money playing good starting hands. The reason is hand values fluctuate greatly depending on the number of people in the pot. AdvMathAppl's Texas Hold'em Calculator helps you to determine winning opportunities.

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