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Poker Academy takes your game to the next level

Poker Academy is a state-of-the-art Texas Hold'em learning and training tool, that uses the latest research in artificial intelligence from the University of Alberta to take your game to the next level.

Poker AcademyUnlike any poker tool currently on the market, the Poker Academy software adjusts to each individual player using advanced AI. This means staying power. Poker Academy’s AI adds to the long-term playability of the game so users won’t get bored by figuring out simple easy-to-beat computer opponents.

You might have heard of the now famous match between the World Chess Champion, Gary Kasparov, and Deep Blue, a computer that used brute force processing power to beat Gary Kasparov, not once but twice. Poker Academy applies the same principles used to beat the World Chess Champion to poker, and couples these with advanced opponent modeling using neural networks.

Poker Academy is an indispensable tool for the serious poker player, and comes highly recommended by us.

Here's what Bluff Magazine has to say about Poker Academy: "Poker Academy software (MAC or PC) is a revolutionary poker training tool. From the fundamentals to advanced game strategy, learn to win at Texas Hold’em while playing and having fun, utilizing world renowned artificial intelligence. If you can win playing Poker Academy, you’ll be a formidable foe in the real-world casinos and tournaments and online card rooms. An excellent value at $39."

More information is available at the Poker Academy website.

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