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Poker Program statistics tracking software

The Edge Poker statistics tracking software gives you the ability to record your opponent's pre-flop tendencies. When the player leaves the table, you simply save the stats for that player for the next time you see them. Before long you will know how often most players fold before the first card
is dealt at the table. The program also lets you keep notes on each player. Information is the key to winning; The Edge is the key to saving information.

If a player stays in only 30% of the time to see the flop you know they play tight. If they are in the hand and the flop contains high cards it is time for you to get out. Knowing who these players are is very important to limiting your losses.

On the other hand, you will also quickly pick out the players who see 70% of the flops. These players will play anything and are less of a threat at the table. Knowing who these players are is very important to increasing you winnings.

The program is very reasonably priced at $25 (less than a good pot at a $2 limit table) and a valuable Free Demo is available to introduce you to the concept.

In addition, The Edge website also has a very simple Pot Odds Spreadsheet to help assist in your betting decisions. Be sure to check out all of the available software and tools at http://www.poker-program.com/.

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