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By Gary Steele

Stick the phrase “poker software” into Google and you will return 234,000 results. Most of these results are simply advertisements asking you to sign up to play at sites like Party Poker. Others are solitaire-like games which will help you learn the basics or simply pass the time. I doubt very highly that anyone reading this article is looking for those results when typing “poker software.” What you are looking for is software to help improve your game or win more money.

There is software is available to help you do this. If you want the results you are looking for you have to be much more specific. First you have to understand where you need help. When I started playing I was having trouble keep track of player’s tendencies. I would see a player I knew I had seen before, but I could not remember if he or she played tight or loose. I knew if I had this information on every player I sat down with I would immediately be a better player.

Now that I understood where I needed help, I could find programs to provide me with the information I was looking for. By typing in “poker statistics tracking software” I was able to find exactly what I needed. Not only will software help you to improve your game and win money, but it also forces you to concentrate on the players more, helping you to become a better player when you no longer need the software.

Here are some of the different types of software available.

Log analyzers

These programs allow you to request your hand history from poker rooms and analyze the information. These tools are great when you are just starting out. They help you understand the type of player you are and the mistakes you are making. You may find you are playing over sixty percent of the hands dealt to you and decide to make a conscious effort to play much tighter in the future. You may also analyze hands you won and lost to see where you or your opponents made mistakes.

Interactive Assistance Programs

There programs run while you are playing online. The software helps you to understand your opponents, making it easier to decide the correct play in any situation. For example, the program may tell you the player in seat one folds pre-flop 75% of the time. Knowing this information, you can assume if this player is in the hand, he or she has something very good. These are excellent tools for any player. A good program can be found here.

Poker Simulators

These are your poker solitaire games. The other players are typically bots and do not use a lot of strategy. They are great for learning the game and wasting time, but will not do much to help you win money against real players. You really have to play for real money to learn how to win real money games.

Online players need to realize these tools are available and players are using them. If you are not using these programs, your opponents probably are, putting you at a disadvantage. Players also need to realize that these tools improve your game, not just your winning. Many players fear they will no longer pay attention if the software is doing the work for them. This is only true if the software makes the decisions for you, otherwise the programs only provide information. It cannot tell you how to play (yet). Be sure to take advantage of anything that will help you improve your game.

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