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On this page we'll give you a short overview of all the different people that are contributing quality poker articles to our site on a regular basis. Click on the author links to get more detailed info.

Paul McGuire column

Paul "Pauly" McGuire is the author of Tao of Poker, one of the most popular and entertaining poker blogs on the Internet. The Tao of Poker a "a flavorful mixture of travel tales, casino trip reports, wild home games, and stories about his late night forays into online poker" (full review available here).

Marc Weinberg's Poker Insider column

Marc Weinberg is a senior editor for Online Poker Insider, and writes most it's featured columns and strategy articles. Poker Insider is a high quality poker site, and we feel privileged it's senior editor has decided to share some of his highly valued knowledge and expertise with our readers on a regular basis.

Gary Steele on Poker

Gary Steele is the author of Poker Program, a program for tracking statistics of your opponents in Texas Hold'em Poker. Gary has been playing poker online since 2001, continuously improving his game to the point where he's now making a consistent profit from playing poker online.

Nick Momrik about poker and blogging

Nick Momrik just launched a promising poker blog called 2 Hole Cards, an offspring of his personal blog that began to look more and more like a poker blog in itself. Nick also runs an amazing site about poker chip tricks, which we reviewed here.

Oliver Jon Cross

Oliver Cross has been working in the online poker industry for the last three and half years and often posts unique and interesting articles from the other side of the fence on his blog, eDrinker. So far Oliver has contributed the following articles to our site:

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