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According to Nick Momrik "there’s more to poker than simply playing with the cards you’re dealt". Nick recently launched a brand new poker site,, to prove his point. The site is dedicated exclusively to poker chip tricks, covering 11 poker chip tricks so far, all described in great detail and illustrated with photos and even videos.

PokerChipsTricks currently covers the following tricks: Butterfly, Pickover, Pullover, Chip Roll, Bounce, Shuffle, Twirl, Knuckle Roll, Finger Flip and Thumb Flip. Nick comments on his site that "most of the tricks can get frustrating, but you can learn them all with practice and a little patience". While I didn't exactly manage to replicate any of the tricks with much success, I must say I had a lot of fun trying, and I'm sure I will someday master them all with the help of Nick's great tutorials.

Let's illustrate what PokerChipsTricks is all about by giving you a short example of Nick's Butterfly trick:

  1. Hold all four chips between the index and ring fingers (perpendicular to the fingers), with the middle finger bracing the back of the chips. The grip is exactly the same as when you start the thumb flip. The chips should be about 1/2 an inch to an inch from your finger tips.

    Step 1

  2. Begin by loosening the two chips closest to the palm with your thumb. As you lift these two chips and roll them onto your index finger, you also drop your ring finger, pulling the other two chips away with it. Start moving the pinky up towards the index finger.

    Step 2

  3. Visit PokerChipTricks to read the next 4 steps of the Butterfly tutorial. Once you've mastered all 6 steps of the Butterfly trick, the final result will be something like this:

    The Butterfly

If you want to learn more poker chips tricks then please visit All tricks are explained in great detail, and each one comes with a video of Nick performing the trick.

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