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Tao of Poker blog review

Tao of Poker is authored by Pauly, a writer from New York City who left a prestigious job on Wall Street several years ago to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. His poker blog is a flavorful mixture of travel tales, casino trip reports, wild home games, and stories about his late night forays into online poker.

He has been writing up detailed accounts of his various trips to Las Vegas with his brother in addition to his thrilling reports about trying to win a seat in satellites at the World Poker Finals at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. He is an avid traveler and always manages to squeeze poker into his itinerary. He has been known to crash home games run by his fellow bloggers in remote areas such as western Michigan and Buck's County, PA.

Over the past year, he has been entertaining his readers with vivid accounts about the infamous Blue Parrot home games held in New York City by Signor Ferrari from Rick's Cafe (www.rickblaine.com). The game is dominated by some of the best legal minds in New York, but it's not just for lawyers. People from all walks of life have sat at the table; investment bankers, a Lower East Side poet, a fashion photographer, a stand up comedian, law students, magazine editors, and a sportswriter. With a great memory and a knack for detail, his Blue Parrot write ups have turned regulars like Ugarte, Coach, and Asphnxma into household names in bloggerdom.

Although you will not find specific information on poker theory on his blog you will be entertained with a steady flow of poker related humor where he weaves philosophy, politics, pop culture, and gambling into his entries. Pauly has been holding a Hilton Sister's Challenge from time to time, where he gives away one of his paintings to anyone who plays poker online and cracks pocket aces with a pair of queens. The nickname for pocket queens, "The Hilton Sisters", was recently coined by WPT announcer Vince Van Patten. It's one phrase much like "The Hammer" that has become part of the everyday vernacular of poker bloggers.

You can find Pauly playing online at Party Poker a few nights a week and you can read up on the rest of his everyday life in his main blog called Tao of Pauly.

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