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Prima Poker network review

By Gary Steele

The Prima Poker network is a large group of companies which all share the same tables to increase the number of players available to their customers. For instance, when I am playing at Royal Vegas Poker, I am sitting with other players from 7 Sultans, Gaming Club, and Lucky Nugget Poker. The only difference between the ways each company looks and feels are the colors and logos. Otherwise, the controls, the banking, the table limits, the players, and the sign-up process are always the same.

Any of the Prima Poker network sites are fantastic for beginners. The tables start at 5/10 cent limit and no-limit games; perfect for working on the basic skills. The rooms also offer $1 to $100 tournaments on a regular basis. Occasionally, there are even $1000 tournaments. I recommend the $1 tournaments as the very best way to improve your poker skills. The experience you gain in the $1 Freezeout (once you are out you are out) tournaments, which can last 5 hours, is better than any other cheap poker game you can find. Watch out for the Re-Buy (when you run out of chips you can buy more during the first hour) tournaments though. There are a lot of players calling with anything in Re-Buy making it very hard to bluff.

I really enjoy playing here. I do not worry about the games being fixed like I have at some other sites. The cards are very random. The Prima Poker network is not one of those places where you will sign up, do great for a couple weeks, then get destroyed in a one week string of terrible bad beats. The buttons are easy to use and the interface is improved frequently. Cashing out took less than an hour with NETeller.

You will find some of the lowest rakes here as well. You only have to compare the individual and multi-table tournament rakes to see how much lower they are at the Prima Poker network sites.

The most difficult thing about dealing with the Prima Poker network is signing up for your first account. It is frustrating and can take days. You not only have to sign up with the site, you also have to sign up with the Prima Poker network itself. Compared to other poker sites, this process is a real pain.

There really is no match for the sign up and deposit bonuses offered on some of the Prima Poker sites. There is so much competition right now for your business that most of these sites will give you $10 just to sign up. I have seen deposit bonuses up to 40% in addition to the free $10. In other words, if you deposit $100, some sites will give you $50. Also, keep in mind that there are over 25 sites on the Prima Poker network currently, and almost all of them are offering bonuses. There is a lot of money they are giving away for players to join. I imagine some day they will put a cap on the number of bonuses players can obtain, but this has not happened yet.

I recommend opening a NETeller account and using it to deposit and withdraw money. Go to the first site, sign up, make a deposit, play until you get the bonus, withdraw the money, then sign up for the next site and repeat. You typically have to play a lot to receive the bonus, but the odds are in your favor when you take these bonuses into account and you will be working on improving your game the entire time.

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