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Poker Jargon - F

By Gary Steele

Poker has its own set of unique terms and jargon, and more are being added every week as its popularity continues to expand. There are names for particular starting hands, such as pocket rockets and big slick. There are terms describing poker scenarios, such as a bad beat. It would take a week to write them all, but I think the following list will give you a good idea of the terms you will hear used on a regular basis as you play.

Fifth Street
In Stud, the fifth card dealt to each player is called “Fifth Street”.

To make the first bet in a round. Ex. Chris “fired” at the pot hoping to win without a good hand.

A new or unskilled poker player. Also known as a sucker.

Fixed Limit
A type of poker game where players are only allowed to bet/raise predetermined amounts of money.

The first three community cards. Seen primarily in Hold’Em and Omaha.

Forced Bet
The amount of money a player is required to put into a pot before cards are dealt if her or she wishes to play (such as a blind or an ante).

Fourth Street
in Stud, the fourth card dealt to each player is called “Fourth Street.”

Free Card
receiving an additional card or seeing an additional community card without needing to put any money into the pot – Everyone checks.

Free roll
A tournament where no money is required to enter.

Freeze out
1) A tournament with no Add-On or Rebuy. Once a player loses their chips they are out.
2) A tournament where only one player wins the entire prize.

Full Boat - Full House
two cards of one rank, three cards of another.

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