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PokerStars Releases Official 2016 WCOOP Schedule

Tue, 18 Oct 2016

PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) has scheduled its final tournament for 2016. Action will take place from September 4th through September 26th and there will be 82 events this year, up from the 70 events played in 2015.The WCOOP Main event #78 will have a guaranteed total payout of $10 million with $1.5 million guaranteed to the winner.

The Mini WCOOP which will follow the same schedule as the WCOOP has a buy-in of 1/100th of the corresponding WCOOP event. This series allows everyone to take part in the WCOOP experience.

According to Senior Manager of Online Championships for PokerStars, Bryan Slick, there will no longer be any "second chance" tournaments. "As WCOOP has expanded over the years, both in number of Events as well as length and availability of late registration, the need for 2nd Chance tournaments has diminished significantly. Removing the 2nd Chance tournaments has been something that weve been considering for a few years, and with the expansion to 82 Events, its a decision that weve finally taken.

Looking to get in on the tournament action? WCOOP buy-ins range from $109 to $700 - entry is high but so is the chance for reward! You can find the full WCOOP schedule here.

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