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Multiple States Looking at Online Poker Legalization

Fri, 18 Mar 2016

For the many millions of online poker players, fans, and advocates that have long wondered by the government is getting in their way as far as their ability and freedom to play there is some good news to start the new year as several states are getting past their micromanaging tendencies and taking a look at the possibility of legalizing online poker. Itís not that the states are finally concerned about the freedom of their citizens but instead it is a greed grab of what is believed to be millions of dollars of additional state revenue. Nonetheless, as President Dwight Eisenhower once said, never judge a man by his motives.

Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Washington, Illinois, New York, and California were all looking over the possibility of online poker to start the year and this has given pause for hope for the cause. But now the question looms as to whether or not actual legislation can get passed into a reality that will finally set long suffering online poker players free of the bonds of such utter stupidity.

Pennsylvania state representative John Payne has been a fighting advocate for legalization of online poker and has found broader support than what has been the case in the past. Payne is hopeful that the bill can pass by the middle of summer for this year. There is high stakes drama however as Payne is looking to retire next January which means this may be the last best chance for online poker in the state.

What happens in Pennsylvania could set the stage for how the rest of the country reacts politically.

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