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Many Reasons why Professional Poker is More Difficult Than it Appears

Sat, 18 Jun 2016

Televised poker is a boon and big reason for the increased popularity of the game and serves as one of the best possible commercials that is not a commercial that can be imagined. But televised poker is a contributing part of an epidemic that has been taking place in the online poker community. There are far too man wannabe online poker players that are too inspired by what they see on televised poker and try and act out their fantasies when playing poker online. Far too many players go on overly aggressive strategies and playing styles and of course bluff and intimidate far too often.

The first thing to understand about televised poker is that most of what you see is a small majority of what actually went on with most of the poker event that you are watching having ended up on the cutting room floor.

One of the great myths that televised poker promotes is aggressive play and bluffing is the way to go and that to be a success you must play the role of a card shark. The fact is the best poker players are not sharks but are nerd mathematical experts that respect the odds and are always angling for the best possible play based upon those odds. The best poker pros are stats junkies and human odds calculators.

True success as a poker pro is all about patience, study, math, and a sober approach in which you keep level emotions. In other words the opposite of what you normally see on TV.

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