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World Poker Tour adds 200K to pot for Tournament of Champions

Mon, 18 Apr 2016

The World Poker Tour continues its dominance as one of the most prestigious circuits in all of poker with a worldwide reach and following and the opportunity for every day players to gain access with satellite tournaments. With that in mind there is greater anticipation than ever before for the first ever World Poker Tour Tournament of Champion which will no doubt rival a major championship event in golf or tennis. The World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions will see enhanced prestige with an additional $200,000 in prize money added to the pot as well as a shot clock to further add to the excitement and drama.

There has long been the dream for poker pros of having a major poker event that rivals the World Series of Poker and itís highly possible that the World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions will fit the bill.

The upcoming World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions will have a $15,000 buy in with a rake free structure and a $100,000 overlay. The tournament will be open to anyone that has been a World Poker Tour Champions Club member. All winners from the current season are also automatically entered.

The 2016 Tournament of Champions will also mark the debut of a brand new Action Clock which was created by Protection Poker along with the consultation of players. The idea is to speed up the poker action as players will be given 30 seconds to make a decision with a total of five 30-second time extensions leading up to the final table.

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