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Top Tips from Poker Pros

Sun, 17 May 2015

How do professional poker players win more often than regular players? Let’s take a look at a few tips from poker pros.

Fold More Hands
There are so many players that simply won’t fold their hands and they continue to lose money. One of the best ways to become a better play is to learn how to fold. It is especially important to fold from early position when you have mediocre hands. It is hard to get outplayed and hard to get in trouble when you fold marginal holdings.

Don’t Limp
If you are going to enter a hand then you really should be raising. Don’t just limp into a hand. If you have a hand strong enough to play in Texas Holdem poker then you have a hand strong enough to bet.

Bluff with Scare Cards
Many poker pros will use scare cards to bluff their opponents. For example, if an ace or a king comes on the turn you can use that card and bluff your opponent into folding. And the best part about bluffing with scare cards is that you don’t need good cards in your own hand.

If you want to play more like a poker pro then you need to do what poker pros do. That means you need to learn to fold more hands, don’t limp and bluff with scare cards.

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