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Poker Pro Succession Plan

Fri, 19 Jun 2015

Although it should not come as a surprise it still does catch many online poker fans off guard to discover that many of today’s highly successful poker pros started off with the very modest beginnings of playing at the free tables. This actually is the first key to understanding what it takes to actually become a poker pro. Those who have made the cut to poker pro status started off modestly and with humility.

Perhaps the first thing to do if you are an aspiring poker pro is to turn off your TV set. Too many players get a distorted picture of life as a poker player by watching televised poker tournaments. The TV version of poker shows only the most exciting moments and most dramatic decisions. The many mundane hands are left on the cutting room floor never to be seen. Far too many online poker players start off like gangbusters with overly aggressive play in a cheap imitation of what has been seen on TV.

For the real poker pros, they spent time at the free or low limit tables learning their craft while not trying to imitate a distorted version of the game that is presented on TV. To earn the status of poker pro one has to apply himself to a lifetime education and with the realization that being a successful poker pro is a marathon grind rather than a sprint. You will not likely be on a televised poker event any time soon nor should you aspire to do so.

The best poker pros remain unknown to this day, quietly grinding out wins without acclaim but with methodical precision.

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