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Poker Pro Kevin Schulz Wins the EPT Caribbean Adventure Tourney

Tue, 17 Feb 2015

Poker professional Kevin Schulz recently won the European Poker Tour PokerStars Caribbean Adventure tournament. He had a difficult final table to navigate that took more than 16 hours to complete. Schulz won almost $1.5 million for taking first place.

The final table at this event actually had only six players as there were some extra hands played the previous night before the final table was determined. Dylan Linde and Pratyush Buddiga were the two players that would have been at a normal final table but instead went out in 8th and 7th place the day before the final table started.

Six men started the final table with a chance to win and it was Chance Kornuth holding the chip lead with 7.8 million chips while Schulz was in second with just over 6 million in chips. The four other players were Diego Ventura, Niklas Hambitzer, Juan Martin Pastor and Rami Boukai.

It didn’t take long for Boukai to be eliminated in sixth place as he was the short stack. It took a while for the next player to be eliminated as Pastor went out in fifth place. Hambitzer went out in fourth place while the former chip leader Kormuth was eliminated in third. It took some time but Schulz was able to defeat Ventura and win the title.

1. Kevin Schulz, $1,491,580
2. Diego Ventura, $907,080
3. Chance Kornuth, $641,140
4. Niklas Hambitzer, $482,820
5. Juan Martin Pastor, $380,720
6. Rami Boukai, $285,740

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