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Felix Powers Death Leaves Poker Void

Fri, 18 Dec 2015

The death of poker legend Felix Powers will leave a void in the game of poker that is much more about entertainment and personality that just merely the game itself, Powers passed away at the age of 62 and was renowned for making TV poker something that became as much about entertainment than about merely dry tournaments and strategies. Powers was a character far more than a celebrated genius of poker but he will be remembered positively for giving much needed personality to a game that sometimes is filled by wild and crazy young guys and wannabe bluffers.

Powers had a rough life that included drug addiction and homelessness. But many remember what a dominating personality he could bring to the poker table when he was clean and on top of his game. He was compared to Stu Ungar when it came to limit poker and was renowned for being able to detect the weaknesses of his opponents.

An incident in Las Vegas is indicative of Powers’ inner demons and some of his missed opportunities. ESPN was going to pay him for an interview during a poker tournament but he missed that interview after running into a girl and going off with her to her drug infested room for an all-night binge. He later showed up late at the final table not being able to read his cards and having to bluff his way through a few hands.

As is the case with many characters in life, Powers is as loved for his faults as for his accomplishments.

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