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Demanding Exacting Life of a Poker Pro

Wed, 17 Sep 2014

There has never been a more opportune time to become a poker pro thanks to online gambling but success are hardly guaranteed and there are many pitfalls to overcome starting with yourself as the fact remains the greatest opponent most poker players will ever face is their own lack of discipline.

Being a poker pro must be a full time commitment rather than a hobby. It is not enough to simply play a few hours per night and on weekends but instead you must play all the time and as much as you can as experience is the ultimate teacher when it comes to online poker.

Let’s get back to self-discipline. Without it you haven’t a chance. There are millions of online poker players that all share the same dream of turning pro and with so much competition there will be the few individuals that actually do have the discipline needed for success. Players that cannot handle a tough loss and respond by going on tilt haven’t a prayer at ever going pro because going on tilt simply expedites the blowing up of one’s bankroll and also is indicative of a player that cannot handle pressure.

“Poker takes an hour to learn and a lifetime to master” is the most appropriate adage ever uttered about this great game and the reason why it takes a full commitment with zero distractions and an all-consuming focus.

To be a poker pro you really do need to go “all in!”

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