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Being a Poker Pro Begins with Self Mastery

Thu, 23 Oct 2014

It all begins with the man in the mirror. Not just in life but certainly for anyone aspiring to be a poker pro. There has of course never been a better or more opportune time to become a poker pro but that is countered by the fact that there have never been more people aspiring to be a poker pro. With that in mind there has to be a way to separate yourself from the pack as a unique potential pro that can break apart from the masses. If you play any amount of poker at all the first they you will likely remember is that the opponents that you have respected the most have been those who had self-discipline and were in firm and total control of themselves.

It is literally impossible to master a card table and the game of poker if you cannot first master yourself. Self-control is the golden rule of becoming a consistently successful poker pro. Knowledge and expertise of the game is irrelevant if you cannot control yourself and apply your knowledge effectively. In many cases the secret to success in winning at poker and becoming a consistently successful poker pro is allowing your out of control opponents to destroy themselves as you sit there and patiently watch.

If you can resist going past your bankroll betting limits and chasing bad beats and accepting that luck goes both ways you have a shot at starting down the path of being a poker pro!

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