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Poker Pros Pick the Right Seat at the Poker Table

Sun, 22 Jun 2014

Did you know that poker professionals oftentimes will take time and effort to get the right seat at the poker table? Some people don’t think that seat selection is that important but poker pros know better.

The play at online poker sites goes right to left and everyone at the table gets the same positional advantage eventually. But there is a big difference on where you sit because there are certain things that will help you. And poker pros realize this fact.

If you don’t get the best poker seat then you might have a player that bets and calls everything on your left. Then you lose the limp opportunities and small raise opportunities because the loose player re-raises your bets so you end up folding. If that person is sitting to your right you only call the raise if you have big cards.

Poker pros realize that if the player sitting to their left is loose and aggressive then they face a big disadvantage. Tight players to the left make it easier to see what they will do. They aren’t going to be re-raising without the cards, so you have an idea of what they have.

The bottom line is that poker pros want the maniac or loose player on their right, not on the left which is why seat selection is a lot more important than most people believe.

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