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GPI Ranks Best Tournament Poker Professionals

Wed, 12 Feb 2014

One of the ways that professional poker players are ranked is by the Global Poker Index or GPI as it is commonly referred to. The GPI ranks poker players who play in live tournaments around the world. Players are ranked each week based on how they do and the rankings cover the previous 36 months.

The GPI is an interesting way to rank players but it does have its flaws. The system is heavily weighted to favor professional poker players who have a lot of money to play in tournaments. Ranking the best players in the world is complicated and it can’t be done simply by looking at live tournaments but it is an interesting system. It is virtually impossible to rank players all around the world because live cash games are not tracked. Many people believe that Phil Ivey is the top poker professional in the world today but he is more of a cash game specialist than a tournament player.

Having said all of that, the GPI is still an interesting rankings system. Let’s look at the Top 10 players in the rankings.

1. Ole Schemion
2. Daniel Negreanu
3. Marvin Guido Rettenmaier
4. Philipp Gruissem
5. Vanessa Selbst
6. Dan Smith
7. Paul Volpe
8. Mike McDonald
9. Bryn Kenney
10. Ravi Raghavan

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