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Poker Pros Make Aggressive Bets

Sat, 20 Dec 2014

One of the major differences between poker pros and those players who don’t play poker professionally is that poker pros bet most of the time while losing players call most of the time. Aggression is very important in today’s poker world.

Poker pros, especially those poker pros who make their living playing Texas Hold’em, are very aggressive. Poker pros understand that to win money they have to take the lead. For many poker professionals there are only two options, betting and folding. They will rarely limp into pots and they will rarely just call a bet. It is all about taking control of the pot and betting. Sometimes this aggressive approach will be countered, but more often than not it is a winning strategy.

Poker professionals have the ability to make aggressive bets because they are not afraid to fold when they are beaten. Most players have a hard time giving up on a hand which is why aggressive play gets them into trouble at times. Poker pros know how to fold as they don’t chase pots very often so they can be aggressive on a regular basis.

Successful poker pros know which hands to play and they know how to play them aggressively. That is one of the main reasons they win more money than they lose when playing online poker.

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