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Steve Badger interview

Steve Badger is best known for his website Play Winning Poker, without doubt the best resource about Online Poker on the Internet. On this website Steve has written countless poker articles of unsurpassed quality, reflecting his profound knowledge on Poker, and his very successful career in Omaha tournament poker.

Steve won the "Omaha 8 or better" event of the 1999 World Series of Poker, making him one of the lucky few people owning a World Series bracelet. And Steve doesn't even rank this as his best poker accomplishment, as you can read further on in this interview.

Currently Steve isn't playing much poker anymore, and spends a lot of time improving and updating his Play Winning Poker website. Steve says "giving back" to the poker community with this website, has been a very positive thing in several ways, and his contribution to this interview also serves as a good of example of his "sharing" attitude.

Steve is a very candid and truthful person, and this will guarantee you will enjoy reading this interview, and learn a couple of things about Poker along the way.

This interview is divided in four sections. Steve Badger's main website, Play Winning Poker, is discussed in Part 1. The second part deals with Steve's poker career. In Part 3 Steve shares his thoughts on poker collusion and other general poker subjects, and in the final part Steve talks about Shirley Rosario, Mary Wollstonecraft, Henry David Thoreau and his website on Classic Movies. Enjoy!

This interview starts with Part 1: PlayWinningPoker.com

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