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Shorthanded Games Favor the Poker Pro

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A shorthanded table in poker is one in which there is less than the full number of players. Shorthanded poker is all about position and the game is even more about playing your opponents than getting good cards. That means the professional poker player has a big advantage in shorthanded games.

The fewer players at the poker table, the more likely it is that the better poker players will win money. At a full table, there is more luck involved so the edge for the poker pro is not quite as high. With a shorthanded game, players are forced into playing more marginal hands and making more decisions. Poker pros make the best decisions and that is why they have a big edge in a shorthanded game. In a shorthanded poker game a raise is much more powerful than at a full table. Very often players will win without another bet because other players don’t have a strong hand shorthanded. Poker pros know this and they will raise relentlessly at a shorthanded table.

Playing at a shorthanded poker table is a great experience for the poker pro but it can be a tough experience for the new player. There is not much margin for error for new players at shorthanded tables. There is still some luck involved and some bad beats, but for the most part the professional poker players dominate poker when the play is shorthanded.

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