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Be a winner at the table and in the bedroom

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According to the legend the first Gold Rush millionaire wasn't a miner, but he sold pickaxes and shovels. The legend continues with modern-day entrepreneurs trying to capitalize on the poker boom by selling everything from poker chips to poker mouse pads. Just when we thought we saw it all Eric Wason enters the poker paraphernalia market with the "perfect gift for card-playing loved ones": poker condoms.

According to Mr. Wason, CEO of AEM Enterprises, the company that developed and now markets this unique item, no serious poker player should ever enter a tournament without wearing his lucky poker condom.

Being a highly experienced poker player himself, Mr. Wason knows that many professional poker players have no trouble controlling their emotions above the poker table, but he added: "What happens under the table is a completely different thing, especially when they hit the [ed: absolute] nuts."

Wason says his product is of the highest quality and FDA-approved. All condoms are imprinted with colored chip designs to give them that special poker flavor. And you don't have to wear them at the table, they also make for "perfect party favors for house poker games or gifts for card-playing loved ones."

The colors also come in handy when you have to choose between the varieties available. In poker the color of a poker chip represents it's value: white is $1, red is $5, blue is $10, green is $25 and black is $100. In much the same way the color of a poker condom corresponds to it's size. On the low end of the scale there's the white condom which is thin for higher sensitivity, and on the other end of the scale there's the black variant which is also branded as "stacked" and has a "larger, more roomy fit."

The poker condoms can be ordered online at All condoms are discretely shipped in a plain package with an AEM shipping label.

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