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Bet and Win rebrands as Bwin

Thu, 13 Jul 2006 , Infopowa Send page to friend Bookmark page Smaller font Larger font Printer friendly

Two years of careful thought, market research and planning have been invested in a brand change for Austrian public company Bet and Win, and this week saw the fruits of that initiative as the new brand was announced by co-CEO Manfred Bodner.

"Bwin" is the catchy new umbrella title for the gambling group, which is Europe's largest and recently acquired the Ongame group, including Poker Bodner says that it better covers the broad product portfolio of the group. Interactive Entertainment AG, came onto the market in 1999 as a new online sport-betting enterprise with an annual turnover of EUR 5.4 million and has developed into one of the world's leading Internet gaming companies within less than seven years. In this time, not only did the market environment - due to technological innovations, among other things - change, but also brand requirements increased as well, comments Bodner.

For this reason, the functional character of the brand name "bet and win" has not been ideal for quite some time for the group's offerings, which consist of sport bets, poker, casino games, soft games and live-audio and video-streams.

Bodner says the old brand did not lend itself to recognition as easily as companies like Nike, Sony or IBM when it came to the international sponsorships in which the gambling group is now engaged.

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