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Poker still offers the best online growth prospects

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If you're wondering how recent measures aimed at cracking down on online gambling and gaming in the US will affect the online sports and gambling industry in general, the answer will probably be found in a new report from the Irish company Research and

Titled "The Global Business of Poker" the report is written by Rachael Church and provides an extensive market overview of the fast-moving multibillion dollar poker industry.

The growth in the poker industry has been fueled by many factors including increased television exposure, celebrity participation, high net-worth prizes and ease of online access through broadband penetration.

"The Global Business of Poker" examines the main issues surrounding the poker industry and includes market overviews; areas of opportunity; factors affecting growth in the industry such as broadband penetration, US legislation and other online games; marketing strategies of poker companies; demographics of players; prize funds compared with other games and sports; as well as television exposure.

It provides case studies of the major poker companies in the world and analyses these to determine business models and revenue streams as well as who the winners and losers will be over the next three years. It also includes the results of a major industry survey asking sports professionals their opinions on the poker industry and where it is headed.

Key findings from this report:

  • Poker is thought to still offer the most online growth over the next three years, compared with online gambling and online games.
  • Online Poker playing respondents tend to play weekly.
  • Offline Poker playing respondents tend to play very occasionally.
  • The largest amount of respondents play Poker for fun and to relax or socialize.
  • They occasionally watch Poker on television and feel there is the right of amount of Poker programming in their countries.
  • PartyPoker comes out on top as the most recognized Poker brand, followed by and the World Series of Poker.
  • Ben Affleck is the celebrity who the respondents most associate with Poker.
  • Respondents feel that legislation offers the biggest threat to the Poker industry.
  • Nearly half the respondents are sitting on the fence as far as their outlook for the industry is concerned, with 48 percent staying neutral. Of the rest, the majority are however bullish.

The author of the report is Rachael Church who is the Editor of e-newsletter Sport and Technology and the author of several widely-acclaimed reports including Sport on the Internet (June 2000), the Global Business of Sports Television (March 2003) both published by Screen Digest and Bidding and Hosting: The Guide to Successful Sporting Events (Sportcal, October 2003). She was the guest contributor to Mediametrie's One Sport Year on the Television in the World 2003 (May 2004) and co-author of Mobile Technologies: The Opportunities for Sport (SportBusiness, April 2005).

Rachael is the former Director of Consulting for the SportBusiness Group in London and previous Editor of both the European Sponsorship Newsletter and PACT Magazine for the Producers' Alliance for Cinema and Television.

She is the former Editor of several financial newsletters including Emerging Markets Focus, Cash Management Focus, Financial Times World Accounting Report and Financial Times Fraud Report. She was also Head of Reports at Financial Times Media & Telecoms for two years with direct responsibility for a list of over 200 management reports covering all aspects of sponsorship, broadcasting, film, new media and telecoms. Rachael has contributed to trade press including SportBusiness International, Television Business International, Advanced Television Markets, Cable & Satellite Europe, Screen Digest, Marketing and Football Insight.

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