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Noble Poker offers $100 Million for a Royal Flush

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Recent publicity from Noble has raised the eyebrows of industry observers with its eyecatching claim that it can fund a reward of $100 million in an upcoming tournament.

Noble was recently taken over by the recently listed Empire Online, but the consensus is that $ 100 million is still a big ask.

Noble Poker announced that they will top the $1 Million dollar giveaway mark by having a $100 Million dollar Mega Tournament in April 2006 at Las Vegas, with qualifiers available online now.

While the Mega Tournament in Vegas has a direct entry fee of $10,000 with a $2 Million prize pool Noble is also apparently prepared and capable to give a bonus of $100 Million to anyone who hits a Royal Flush in spades at the final table, according to the following analysis of final table bonuses:

The Final table winning hands bonuses:

  1. Spades Royal Flush - $100 Million
  2. Any Straight Flush - $1,000,000
  3. 4 of a kind Aces - $500,000
  4. 4 of a kind Kings - $500,000
  5. 4 of a kind Queens - $250,000
  6. 4 of a kind Jacks - $250,000
  7. 4 of a kind 10's - $250,000

Noble's parent, Empire Poker is respected for its innovative and effective marketing, but many in the industry are skeptical on the offer.

The qualifying tournaments are running around the clock starting at $2.50 and up to $58 buy ins. These qualifiers will get winners into the $125 000 Heat Tournaments where seats to the $100 million dollar tournament and cash will be given away.

Editor's note: Empire Online / Noble Poker is currently worth around $600 Million dollar, so the bonus for the Royal Flush is equal to a little less than 17 percent of the company.

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