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Party Poker advertises with U.K. general election

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The marketers at Party Poker this week took advantage of the huge publicity generated by the British general election with a poster campaign questioning the poker faces of the various political party leaders headlined 'Got a bad poker face?'.

Featuring Labour's head honchos, Prime Minister Tony Blair and Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown, the campaign, which runs until May 11, includes the Tory Party leader Michael Howard and Liberal Democrat chief Charles Kennedy.

The election-themed 96-sheet poster ads will be visible across 32 sites in London, and were developed by copywriter Anthony Smith and art director Murray Partridge. The first three executions feature images of party leaders matched with relevant poker straplines the Michael Howard poster for instance asks: "Good at bluffing?" while the Charles Kennedy execution observes: "No one to play with?".

The creative is designed to illustrate the most important part of playing poker online; that no matter what your skill level is, you can still play poker and take advantage of the opportunity offered by the tens of thousands of players simultaneously playing whether you are playing for free or real money.

Vikrant Bhargava, group marketing director of PartyGaming, parent company of, said: "Building on our initial burst of national print advertising that broke at the beginning of April, featuring the King, Queen and the Jack playing cards, we're aiming to consolidate our position as a leading player in the UK, a fast-growing poker market. The ads are designed to introduce an element of fun in an otherwise serious election campaign."

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