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Senticore terminates PokerBook brand

Fri, 24 Jun 2005 Send page to friend Bookmark page Smaller font Larger font Printer friendly

Public company Senticore, Inc. has formally terminated its use of the PokerBook brand following the introduction of Lobo through new subsidiary LoboGaming, a gaming software development and licensing company.

In addition, Senticore and Silver Star Capital Investors have mutually agreed to rescind Senticore's former purchase of the controlling interest in PokerBook Gaming Corp. Silver Star Capital Investors will return to Senticore the full purchase price paid, including a reimbursement of expenses borne by the company during the past six months for software development.

"After experiencing numerous issues during the beta testing phase of PokerBook's proprietary software package, and spending over six months of development time, we decided it would be best to bring in a proven and tested software solution. The software is already operable and will officially be rolled out next week through an aggressive marketing campaign," explained Jay Patel, CEO of Senticore.

Patel also spoke of offering a stock swap for each shareholder of PokerBook who purchased their shares between December 6, 2004 and June 16, 2005. "We believe shareholders who backed our original dream are entitled to continue to be a part of it. Once legal arrangements are completed we intend to offer shares in the new company on a share-for-share basis as soon as possible," he said.

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