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Master Classics of Europe: Holland Casino poker tourney

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From November 6 until 13, 2004, the Holland Casino Amsterdam will host what they claim is the biggest poker tournament in Europe - The Master Classics of Europe - for the thirteenth time.

Over eight days, the best poker players from all over the world (including the US, France, Great Britain, Austria, and Germany) will try to outplay each other at the tournament.

Compared to previous years, this year's tournament is even bigger. 270 players will compete compared to 220 last year. The prize money has increased as well: Last year's prize fund was over EUR 1.4 million and this has been increased by EUR 63,000.

The Master Classics of Poker is made up of six different tournaments in which the poker games Texas Hold'em and Omaha are played. Each tournament requires an entry fee that varies from EUR 220 to EUR 5,000.

The tournaments start each day at 2 p.m. The prize funds depend on the number of players in each tournament. One percent of the total prize fund will be deducted and awarded to the "high hand of the day," which is the highest possible hand at the end of the tournament. This year, EUR 63,000 will be reserved as prize money for players ending at places 19 through 27 in the rankings.

The "main tournament" of the week, the Lido Poker Tournament, has a buy-in of EUR 5,000 and will be held for three days from Wednesday, November 10 through Friday, November 12. The winner will receive the total amount of the combined buy-in fees. Last year, the first prize of the Lido Poker Tournament was EUR 243,540.

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