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iTV Texas Holdem

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California company NTN Hospitality Technologies has released a fully interactive, electronic version of Texas Hold 'Em on its North American iTV network, capitalizing on the game's widespread popularity by bringing the world's first fully interactive, skill-based electronic poker game to the hospitality industry.

The new interactive NTN Texas Hold 'Em poker game allows up to 10 players to participate, using the company's hand-held, wireless game devices at a virtual table displayed on televisions. Players can be ranked against other players at enabled sports bars and premiere casual dining restaurants.

The product is currently in limited release, with widespread deployment scheduled for the early part of 2005 throughout the company's new iTV2 dual channel interactive network. In addition to the game itself, consumer promotions are planned throughout 2005, subject to local and state legal compliance.

"As part of our commitment to bring fresh and interesting content to our interactive entertainment network, Texas Hold 'Em is the latest addition to our new NTN BLAST channel," commented Mark deGorter, President and Chief Operating Officer.

NTN Texas Hold 'Em was developed with insights from Phil Gordon, World Poker Tour Champion and host of Bravo's Celebrity Poker Showdown.

Mr. Gordon, a world-renowned poker expert and commentator, says: "The introduction of Texas Hold 'Em to the NTN iTV programming lineup marks an exciting time for poker fans nationwide, who will soon be able to participate in the first multi-site electronic poker tournaments of their kind. I'm pleased to be associated with NTN, both as a spokesperson as well as co-developer of the game, and am excited that fans now have a new venue in which to learn the game and test their skills."

The venture is expected to spread to the over 800 NTN BLAST-enabled sites. The company is currently striving to convert the balance of the over 3,600 sites located in North America to the new NTN BLAST platform allowing Texas Hold 'Em to be a part of the entire network programming line-up going forward.

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